A lap of Stanley Park, Vancouver

Visiting friends in Victoria, BC, I also spent a couple of days exploring Vancouver. Everyone but everyone told me I had to go to Stanley Park, and they were not wrong …  Continue reading

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Travelling with a Brompton


One of the beauties of a Brompton is how easy it is to mix them with other forms of transport. Hop on a train, sling it in the boot of a car (even my SLK, which has about the same boot space as the glove compartment of some cars) … or take it on a plane.

When I did a lot of business travel, I used to take it just as it was, asking to gate-check it (as per pushchairs). I’d then ask at the aircraft door if they might be able to find space for it inside, and because I flew business class, they usually obliged …  Continue reading

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Mooching around in Miami

A brief trip to Miami with my Brompton along for the ride. For the benefit of Americans, in English ‘mooching’ means ‘wandering around aimlessly,’ not freeloading …

Saturday was spent exploring the amazing art deco district – I’ll add the link to my travel blog once the photos are online. The video is of Sunday, when I cycled across the causeway from Miami Beach to Miami, then along the waterfront to Vizcaya gardens and back – a truly lovely ride …  Continue reading

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Rolling along the River Lea

Last time we did this ride, it was wet and very muddy; this time if was bone-dry and very dusty …  Continue reading

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Bromptonauts vs bratwurst

A few of us from the London Brompton Club had a late lunch after the factory visit and cooked up a plan to create a foodie wing. Andy Longfellow kindly agreed to organise a visit to Steins where, we were told, they served a metre-long platter of meat. This seemed a worthy challenge …  Continue reading

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Missiles, bombs & bicycles

Foulness Island is a small island in Essex used by the Ministry of Defence for weapons-testing. Usually only residents and MoD contractors are allowed onto the island, but once a year they hold a charity cycle ride there. I organised a London Cycling Meetup ride there from Wickford …  Continue reading

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Taking my Brompton to meet its maker (in a good way)

A London Brompton Club ride from Brompton Junction to the Brompton factory. The weather was not terribly cooperative at first – torrential rain en-route to the shop plus no waterproof trousers equalled soaked trousers. But fortunately it had stopped raining by the time we set off, and had blue skies and sun within a short distance …  Continue reading

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