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Travelling with a Brompton

One of the beauties of a Brompton is how easy it is to mix them with other forms of transport. Hop on a train, sling it in the boot of a car (even my SLK, which has about the same¬†boot … Continue reading

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Exploring London’s segregated cycle paths

After a recent cycling holiday in the Netherlands, I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast with London’s fledgling segregated paths …¬†

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The Great Street Map Battle of 2014: Which mapping for your GPS?

Life was rather simple when I first started using GPS devices: there were no on-board maps. You got out your paper map, manually entered the coordinates of your desired waypoints and were rewarded with an arrow that pointed directly at … Continue reading

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Gadgetising new year’s resolutions

We’ve all done it. The new year’s resolutions that make it into the second week of January if we’re lucky. Last year, I claimed I was going to cycle 3000 miles. I didn’t. I don’t actually know how many miles … Continue reading

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