Canals, parks, cable-cars & detours

This ride had a few small challenges …

While I charged both my GPS and my camcorder the night before, I did this rather late at night, when I was tired. The result was that I charged the GPS, but left it switched on overnight afterwards, flattening it again …

That wasn’t too great a problem, as I knew most of the route. But two sections of canal tow-path were closed, so I was without technology when it came to routing around them. Eventually gave up and took to roads to get down to the river.

And while I had a fully-charged camcorder, I forgot to format the card, so it ran out of space on the home leg. Apart from that … !

A lovely ride, though. The perfect weather meant crowded tow-paths, but can’t really complain at that.

About Ben Lovejoy

EU Editor of 9to5Mac. Sometime novelist. Likes words, tech, photographs, bicycles, drones, places that are London, places that aren't London.
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