Mooching around in Miami

A brief trip to Miami with my Brompton along for the ride. For the benefit of Americans, in English ‘mooching’ means ‘wandering around aimlessly,’ not freeloading …

Saturday was spent exploring the amazing art deco district – I’ll add the link to my travel blog once the photos are online. The video is of Sunday, when I cycled across the causeway from Miami Beach to Miami, then along the waterfront to Vizcaya gardens and back – a truly lovely ride … 

I then cycled through Little Havana (via a rather incompetent route), but that was rather over-sold by the guides, so didn’t bother including it in the video.

About Ben Lovejoy

EU Editor of 9to5Mac. Sometime novelist. Likes words, tech, photographs, bicycles, drones, places that are London, places that aren't London.
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4 Responses to Mooching around in Miami

  1. cmonnox6 says:

    What a great film. Many thanks.

  2. digitaldion says:

    Lovely video Ben! Now it is time for you to come and do a bit of Brompton Cycling in Cape Town!

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