Don’t pay the Ferryman

The longer version of one of my favourite rides, out east along the Thames. A short road section from the City takes us to the segregated cycle path on Cable Street, and from there onto the riverside Thames Path …

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Thames Bridges (16 bridges edition)

Loving the river as I do, the next best thing to cycling alongside it is to continually cross it …

For this ride, we started by cycling over Tower Bridge from north to south, then zig-zagged our way down the river, ending 15 bridges later by cycling Kew Bridge south to north, where tea & cakes were consumed.

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Canals, parks, cable-cars & detours

This ride had a few small challenges …

While I charged both my GPS and my camcorder the night before, I did this rather late at night, when I was tired. The result was that I charged the GPS, but left it switched on overnight afterwards, flattening it again …

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Hong Kong, not exactly a cycling city

Decided to take my Brompton with me on a quick trip to Hong Kong, but wouldn’t bother next time. Bikes are actually banned from the waterfront area; the standard of driving is very poor; and you have to choose between back-streets (a very slow way to get around) or what are close to urban motorways …

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Greenway/river loop

I’d cycled most of the Greenway before, but never the whole thing, so decided to give it a try. This ride was mostly paved off-road, taking us along a canal towpath, through Victoria Park, along the Greenway, over the Woolwich Ferry, cake stop at the Thames Barrier and over the Emirates cable-car via Thames Path south & north before completing the ride on CS3 …  Continue reading

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Overground, Underground, Air & Sea – take two

A repeat of a really lovely ride along the Thames Path, east from Tower Bridge. From Tower Bridge, a short stretch of road to avoid the cobbled backroads, then off onto the riverside path. Under the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, then along the south side of the Thames Path to the O2. Up in the air for the cable car back to the north side. A mix of path and backroad to the Woolwich Ferry back to the south side. Then Thames Path all the way back to Tower Bridge …  Continue reading

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Parks East & West

A short ride to get back in the swing of things after a rather lazy winter. Liverpool Street out to Victoria Park, canal towpath to Islington, then back on the road to Hyde Park, and quiet backroads to Liverpool Street via Tower Bridge.

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A lap of Stanley Park, Vancouver

Visiting friends in Victoria, BC, I also spent a couple of days exploring Vancouver. Everyone but everyone told me I had to go to Stanley Park, and they were not wrong …  Continue reading

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Travelling with a Brompton


One of the beauties of a Brompton is how easy it is to mix them with other forms of transport. Hop on a train, sling it in the boot of a car (even my SLK, which has about the same boot space as the glove compartment of some cars) … or take it on a plane.

When I did a lot of business travel, I used to take it just as it was, asking to gate-check it (as per pushchairs). I’d then ask at the aircraft door if they might be able to find space for it inside, and because I flew business class, they usually obliged …  Continue reading

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Mooching around in Miami

A brief trip to Miami with my Brompton along for the ride. For the benefit of Americans, in English ‘mooching’ means ‘wandering around aimlessly,’ not freeloading …

Saturday was spent exploring the amazing art deco district – I’ll add the link to my travel blog once the photos are online. The video is of Sunday, when I cycled across the causeway from Miami Beach to Miami, then along the waterfront to Vizcaya gardens and back – a truly lovely ride …  Continue reading

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